Commonly asked FUTSAL questions;

How do you register a player?
Register on line using the easy to use form with pay pal. Or come into a centre on the sign up night and register then. Cost is $50.00 and is for one year of insurance to play at ANY of the NNSW Futsal or AFA futsal organised tournaments.  SEE REGOS. A team sheet, again available on web site, will then be filled out by whoever is looking after the team and bought to the club or sent to , who will on forward to the respective club. Team sheet secures you a spot and will be used by the clubs to order and allocate your uniforms.

What if I am an individual looking for a team?
Individuals should turn up to registration night and put their names down on a sheet. Management will try and get a team together and will inform you prior to season kick off! You do not fill out an individual rego until you are in a team.

Can you please tell me what night the so and so age / comp will be?
Each Club is different some clubs like the Broadmeadow Hockey centre are available 5 nights and others such as PCYC Bateau Bay just one night A matrix of the clubs dates are on the clubs page BUT can be subject to change depending on numbers. Clubs will always try and start with the youngest teams first and older teams to follow as far as time goes!

How many should I have in a team and do they train?
How many you have in a team depends on you. Remember the game fee is divide by number of players so too many you have less pay but less game time! Too little can have more to pay and problems if someone gets sick etc. Average is 7. There is no training simply organised games. Clinics, academies and other representative problems if you are part off, will incur some training.

Do we play in school holidays.
No ! Once season kicks off and after a few weeks you will be given a draw for the season and should  also be on this web site !

Is there all age and gender available at all centers .
No see each centre matrix. Some centres combined ages so as to make a worthwhile competition. Some centres do not have seniors. All girl’s competitions are very limited at the moment but we do have all girls rep program!

Can I go to a centre and register and or ask questions!
No centres are not ours . We simply hire them for the competitions.