Broadmeadow Hockey

Broadmeadow Hockey fields, HFS Hunter Futsal Strikers Centre (summer competition only) beat the heat and play outdoors. HFSS biggest centre with two field available all week.
Managers: Rob and Renee (0478 835 119 )
Location: Broadmeadow Hockey Fields (Turton Road, Broadmeadow NSW 2292)

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Estimated Summer Timetable

Monday GIRLS ONLY Tuesday Wednesday   Thursday Friday
5.30pm G-U13         G-U13 U6/7          U6/7 U/11   U/11  5.30 U 9    U 9
6.00pm G-U15       G-U13 U6/7          U/8 U/11    U/12  6.00  U9      U10 State league training
6.30pm G-U15        G-U15 U/8            U/8 U12    U12 6.30  U10    U10 For 8 teams
7.00pm G-U16 PL  G-U16 PL U13        U13      7.00 TBA 7.00 TBA Boys under 9,10.11 12 13,14 ,15 ,16
7.45pm G-U16 PL  Womens 7.30 U13     U14     7.30 Mixed/ Mixed 7.45 Men’s /Youth PL Starts in October
8.30pm 8.00 U14      U14     8.15 Mixed/ Mixed 8.30 Men / youth. PL
8.30pm 9.15 finished 8.30 U15/16   U15/16 Finish 9.15 Girls TBA.
9.00pm 9.00  U15/16     U15/16 Men and Youth TBA.
9.30pm G = Girls PL = Premier league

Fixtures and Results