Newsletter May/June 2020.

Hope you are all keeping well!

It seems that Australia has done better than a lot of other countries around the world in battling the Coronavirus 19 epidemic. Although things have been tough both economically and mentally, most would agree we are fortunate to be living in the lucky country.

With the excellent results achieved, the governments have indicated that relaxing of restrictions will start slowly and will be analysed from month to month. NNSW Futsal together with our Governing body, have been maintaining our administrations, with a skeleton staff, and will be ready to resume our competitions, events and tours when allowed and under the guidance of Government and Health advise.

To give you a guide of what we are hoping to introduce in the coming months follows;

Firstly, for those wondering about SCHOOL REGIONAL COMPETITION, we will inform all schools next week that the regional tournaments will be cancelled for May and June. BUT as long as indoor activities are allowed by July or early August, we will have open trials for all interested students. As long as their school have competed in the past or the student has competed in the past, they are eligible. The SCHOOL NATIONALS will be held in Brisbane in September school holidays, subject to borders being reopened by then. (School trials or any gala day that may be organised will for the interim have the same safety methods as discussed below for when clubs go back.

Secondly, any club WINTER COMPETITION will recommence, as soon as allowed. We will be governed by the owners of the venues to what conditions we will need to apply towards to use the courts. The only place at the moment is Howzat/Genesis in Newcastle. We will until further notice at Howzat have a temperature gun to monitor players before getting on the court and hand sanitisers for use. We will be asking, for now, that teams not congregate at sites until 10 minutes before their game and spectators to keep their social distance while watching. Centre Staff Managers will request spectators to leave venues if too many are on the sideline.

Thirdly the SUMMER COMPETITION for some clubs, again depending on a number of factors, may start in August, with registrations now being online and thus no reason for people to turn up at centres, to register. Further information will be revealed on our web site, which is getting a facelift over the next few months, and on Northern NSW Futsal Face book. A link is on the website.
>The early start will also help clubs chose their teams to represent them in the new state league competition that will be introduced and played on a Saturday. Sunday will be left for senior State League competition and the representative teams training once chosen from all the ages boys and girls.

Our Newcastle Titans academy, unfortunately, will not be taking place this year. Anyone who has paid for the course and hasn’t been refunded, please let us know. The Academy coaches, David Yager and Nathan Baker have been busy over the last few months finishing off our Newcastle Titans  Gol Brazil Academy courses which will ready to introduce to our teams at Newcastle Titans and to be newly formed  Central Coast Strikers. These courses have been a work in progress for several years and put NNSW Futsal at the front line of Futsal development.

At the same time, a coaching curriculum for all our coaches has finished, and a new course for beginners and update for existing coaches will be available for all those interested.

Overseas tours are being revised each month by AFA and contingency plans are in place for everything, including these tours depending on government policies and requests of the time.

AFA and NNSW Futsal are ready and eager to get back on the fields and continue where we left off and provide FUN, EXERCISE and EXCITEMENT to all Futsal players from under 6 to all ages, boys and girls while delivering various pathways for the elite player to develop themselves.

As mentioned, we are lucky compared to our IFA Futsal members from around the world. A lot of these members we have visited and played against like USA, Italy, Spain, England and China. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of them who have been affected by the virus but having spoken to a few of my overseas friends they are all looking forward to getting back and playing our great game.

The world will change a little from these recent events, but we owe to our way of life to get back to some form of normality as soon as possible. In finishing, with your continued support, we are ready to “go” and assure you we will not rush into anything that will jeopardise our members or ourselves.

George Poulos
NNSW Futsal CEO.

Hunter Futsal Strikers GM.
Phone Office; 02 49461891.
Mobile; 0447 015000
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