NNSW Futsal and Affiliated Clubs 2021/22 Summer Season Launch

Welcome to our existing players, club and schools, as well as our great supporters and new interested parties.

I want to inform you of what NNSW Futsal will offer to ALL our current members and any new members who would like to try our popular sport through the ten clubs associated with  NNSW and the Australian Futsal Association. Our clubs and centres are ready to go, with a list of them appear on our list of clubs.. As I write, we have restrictions due to Covid that will affect some clubs as far as Covid rules and when they may be starting. But rest assured we are covid 19 complied.

How to obtain information                                                                                                                            
We were planning to start on 30th August as all clubs would have been trialling and getting Club teams (under 8 to 16) to play in a regional Futsal Youth league competition. Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, especially on the Central Coast affecting movements, we have decided to postpone this till the following year. So regular CLUB competitions will start in September where possible and October for those who can’t. Instead of the FYL, we will have gala days at every centre for clubs teams to play against other club teams. We’re also exploring the possibility of a Junior Development League (JDL) Futsal program if numbers are available but will be at the exact centre each week. Ages under 8 to 11. If you have an outdoor JDL team and are interested, please let us know. Email

Please, look to our website, www.nnswfutsal.com.au, to see how you can register this year. We have stayed with Motio Play, a SPAWTZ Program, to handle all of our affiliated club’s registration and manage all communications, scores, draws, etc., in conjunction with our centre managers. How to register as a team OR as an individual is all on the website. Would you mind reading carefully to avoid any mistakes? ( DUE TO SOME TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES IN REGISTRATION, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REGISTER UNTIL AFTER MONDAY 26th JULY 2021.)

Our website will also tell you all about us, all clubs and their location. We will also include information about the new club Fassifern Club at Charlton College for all those who live around Toronto. A new club, Maitland Indoor centre at Rutherford, looking to join us, and the cost, rules, committee, referee opportunities, coaching opportunities, upcoming gala days, e.t.c., will be regularly updated. You may also access our Facebook with links to all the club’s Facebook as well. 

News and other information will also be placed on the website and Northern NSW Futsal Facebook page regularly over the summer competition. It would be very appreciated if you share this with your friends, your local soccer club, and especially anyone in the junior grassroots whose seasons finish any time now. Information, including where price and how to book your spot, will be announced on our website and Facebook page. So keep an eye out for it, and as mentioned, please help spread the word.

Our Schools trials for State teams in Newcastle were a huge success, with record teams are chosen. We hope all newcomers will join a club near them and be part of the FYL or JFDL. Which in turn will identify groups to go to the Club Nationals in Sydney come January next year.

Central Coast, due to lockdown, will be organising their teams by direct emails and will be available to any school student or players from previous years.  They will advise directly to players ASAP.

As mentioned, most clubs will be starting the summer competition on 31st  August, and all teams must be registered by then. Registration cost for juniors and seniors is $55.00 per player for the whole year and includes AFA admin, NNSW Futsal admin, insurance and GST. Shirts and game fees refer to your club. Please note ACTIVE KIDS VOUCHERS will NOT be taken for club games or registration but can be utilised in School and Club Nationals or Academies.

Seniors and juniors – You must be registered with NNSW Futsal. A state selection program will be forthcoming to identify players from under 8 Boys to men and under 10 Girls to women. Senior teams will be involved in a State competition set for November / December.

ACADEMY Academy has now become a Winter Program only!  More later on in the year.

A coaching curriculum for all our coaches and would-be coaches will be available for all those interested, especially if you are taking a school or Club team. We will be holding two coaching classes for existing and any new coaches, CENTRAL COAST and NEWCASTLE, on a Saturday and Sunday Weekend 4th and 5th  September 2021, at Howzat Genesis  (come either day) from 9.00 am to 4 pm. The cost is only $30.00 to cover court costs and to be insured for the 12 months. More information, including how to book your spot, will be released in the coming weeks on the website and Facebook page. YOU MUST attend a course if you are taking a representative team to any Nationals. Would you mind registering your name to

New Executive staff. With the departure of Manny and Deb Tserepas, I would like to introduce you to Alex Tagaroulias, who will become the NNSW Futsal Manager. Alex will be responsible for most parts of the administration, coaching and development of Futsal in conjunction with our other executives. Nick Della will continue his role as Operations Manager with David Yager, the NNSW Technical Coaching Director. Steven Parsons will head the NNSW  Referees department. Kevin Robertson will lead the Central Coast subcommittee as Central Coast manager with Wayne Richards, Central coast assistant manager and referee coordinator. The Newcastle sub-committee will comprise ALL centre managers. Anyone wishing to help either subcommittee may request to the State Manager (Central Coast or Newcastle. )

In finishing, NNSW Futsal and its member clubs are ready to go, and we sincerely thank you for your continued support.  If you haven’t seen it before, please like our season launch clip-on the Northern NSW Futsal as well as like Facebook page and help spread the word that “WE ARE BACK “and “HAVE YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES”.


George Poulos.                                                                                                                                                          
NNSW Futsal CEO.                            
Phone Office 02 49461891
Mobile 0447 015000