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Previous years we sent out an email with ID’s however this process had many issues, so in order to make it simple whether you are new or existing members, please fill out the following form, you will then be sent to a secure PayPal screen to process your details.  Note: if you can’t pay via credit care of PayPal you will need to pay cash at the center on registration night, they will then advise us of your registration and payment.

WE CAN NOT GUARANTEE TEAMS WILL BE ABLE TO PLAY AT THEIR DESIRED CENTRE, please contact your center to secure a team.

Some Clubs have made their ages play at a different nights to each other, so if you miss out on one you should be okay at another. If you play at more than one centre, select the main center and advise them which other centres you play at so we can update your records.

For cash only payments and people without internet your individual payments must be made on rego/sign up day or at the Futsal centre you are playing at. Managers will have computers on hand to sign you up straight away or a receipt will be given and the office will manually record your registration and your new ID Number will be sent. YOUR ONE REGISTRATION COVERS YOU FOR ALL PROGRAMS WITH NNSW FUTSAL.  After registering, please have your team manager/organiser fill out your overall team registration form

If you don’t have a team, please contact the center before registering.


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Rego is now done via Credit Card (or PayPal) - $50
*Note, if you can't pay online, please do not proceed and pay/register at your centre on registration night (no guarantees on availability).

One Registration covers ALL activities Club, State League, Academies etc. But you must be named on each of the team sheets which will be validated with your individual registration. No individual registration no insurance.