Club Registrations

Team registrations are now open for Summer 2023/2024 Futsal Season.


Head to to register and follow the steps below.

As an organizer of a team, gather your team.

Select the Venue from the drop-down list and find the league you want to join.

If you’re the team manager of a Junior team (Under 6 – Under 16), select the Register a Junior Team option. You will be asked to log into your account if you’re a returning member or create an account if you don’t have an account with NNSW Futsal already.

  • Enter your team name
  • From here, you will be asked to add any of your children to the team.
  • You will then confirm payments for your children.

You will be taken to the confirmation screen, where you can navigate the team management portal. You can edit your details, invite other players to the team with an invite link and remove players from the team.

If you/your child are players in a team and not the team manager, get the team manager to create the team using the above steps and then they can send you the invite link for the team; from here, you’ll be able to register yourself/child for the team.

If you’re the organizer for a Senior team (Adults), you will require the team organiser to create the team by registering it in the league. Once the team has been created, you will get your players to search for the team on the home page via ‘Find your team’

If you have encountered any issues occurring when registering, please send an email to

If you have any doubts about the registration process, please message us on our Facebook page, and we will do our best to get back to you ASAP.

Please note that you must have your team sorted before registering, so start organizing for the upcoming season. All players must be registered to play.

Below nights for each age group are indicative only and may be subject to change if teams prefer another night, and we can facilitate that at the venue.

Newcastle/Lake Macquarie & Hunter Valley

Newcastle Club (Genesis / The Parc Newcastle)  

Monday –   Supa Liga Men (Main Court) and U6/7, 10/11, 14/15 on Futsal court.

Wednesday – All Age Social on Futsal Court

Thursday – 8/9, 12/13,16/youth

Nelsons Bay Club (PCYC)

Saturday only from 9.00 am – U/6 /7, U/8/9, U/10/11, U/12/13, U/14/15, 16/Youth, All age.

Maitland (Maitland Basketball Stadium)

Thursday – U/6, U/7, U/8, U/9, U/10, U/11, U/12, U/13, U/14, U/15, U/16, Youth, Menn (Only have three Courts)

Wednesday – TBA from Thursday group that can play Wednesday (Only one court)

Wallsend Club (Macquarie College) (Two Courts)

Monday –   U/8, U/9, U/12, U/14, U/16, youth.

Tuesday –   U6/7, U/10 Girls, U/12 G, U/14 G, U16 G, Youth Girls and Women.

Thursday – U/10, U/11, /13, U/15, Mixed, over 35

Medowie Club (  Irrawang High School Raymond Terrace.)

Monday – U/6//7, U/12/13, 16 / Youth.

Tuesday – U/ 8 /9, U/14/15, All  Age

Wednesday – U/10, U/11, Mixed

Central Coast

Erina (Seven Day Adventist School Erina) (Two Courts)

Monday – U/9/10 Girls , U/12, Girls U/14, Youth Women, Women

Wednesday – U5 / 6, U/ 11/12, Men

Thursday – U 7/8, U/13 /14,  U/15/ 16, Youth.

Bateau Bay (Bateau Bay PCYC)

Wednesday – U5/6, U7/8, U/9/10, U11/12, U13/14, U15/16, Youth, Men. (two courts available)