ABOUT US… NNSW Futsal Joins into GOL BRASIL Program.


The GOL Brasil Program aims to offer aspiring players the opportunity to train like professionals. GOL Brasil Australia is the official Australian affiliate of the parent organisation GOL Brasil which is based in Brazil and co-ordinated by CBF A License Coaches.

GOL Brasil was set up in its home country to develop young players and export them to the world. GOL Brasil offers the same experience for Australian players.

The GOL Brasil program will enable providers to establish accredited programs at various levels depending on the level of participation, quality of players and available facilities. The GOL Brasil Program will enable providers to establish entry-level programs and either affiliate with other GOL Brasil programs or grow their own programs to higher levels including Center of Excellence and Club levels. In Newcastle, The Newcastle Titans Program will be undertaken by senior Futsal accredited players and coaches Nathan Baker and David Yager, Any enquiries email .

The GOL Brasil Program includes:

  • Academies
  • Futsal Schools
  • School Holiday Clinics
  • Program for Schools
  • International Tours
  • Referees Courses
  • Coaching Courses


Contrary to what occurs in other countries, the sport of futsal in Australia has become reliant on football/soccer for its source of players, leading to the majority of participants treating it as a form of training and not a sport.  To further develop the game we need to reverse this trend and instead breed a generation of futsal players.

Our aim is to identify younger committed players, at a time where there are not a lot of futsal commitments, and provide technical development and a vision of what is the true sport of futsal.

As key initiative, we are implementing a National Player Development Framework which includes establishing a National Futsal Curriculum that is implemented and delivered through a network of GOL Brasil Academies throughout all regions.


  • Identify talented youth players with long term potential for Australian and International Futsal.
  • Develop and nurture these youth players through a minimum weekly training session.
  • Provide game opportunities.  All players on a team receive fair playing time based on their commitment to excellence.
  • The development of the individual players focuses on the person as a whole.  This means technical, tactical physical, psychological and mental training. Information on nutrition, hydration, goal-setting and treatment of injuries should also be presented.
  • All training & development programs are conducted in a positive environment with encouraging and constructive comments and feedback, in order to maintain and build self-esteem and confidence in every athlete.
  • Training and competition are held at top-quality facilities.
  • Training is provided all year round and designed to potentially work in other similar sports and cross-training opportunities.
  • GOL Brasil Programs are overseen by a Technical Director who is supported by appropriately qualified coaches.
  • All coaching staff are required to pursue professional development on an annual basis through GOL Brasil annual conference.