State Coaches/Selectors have noticed your individual Futsal skills at our recent Regional Schools Championships and you have indicated you would like to trial for selection in our NNSW squad. Players are expected to make this one hour session to be considered.  Anyone unavailable on Friday the 28th June 2019, should contact their relevant School Coordinator/Coach and NNSW staff beforehand to discuss options. Depending on numbers, another trial may be necessary, at the discretion of the selectors, otherwise we will email successful offers within 7 days of this trial.  If successful, players will attend the National School Futsal Championships to be held in Brisbane from September 31st to October 4th 2019 during the school holidays.


Friday 28rd June

Howzat Indoor Sports  –   cnr Darby & Tooke St, Newcastle

NNSW Selectors – George Poulos mob 0447 015 000, Manny Tserepas, Cameron Hall, David Yager, Nathan Baker & Rob Panther

Upstairs Blue – Court 1 Upstairs Green – Court 2 Court 3-Far court




Under 10 Boys

Under 8  Boys

Under 9  Boys

N/ A




 15 Boys

16 Boys

19 Boys

11 Boys

12 Boys

12 Girls

13 Girls

14 Girls





13 Boys

14 Boys

 Flow over court if needed from other boys            trials

15 Girls

16 Girls

19 Girls

NNSW Futsal Nationals – Parents Pre-Trial Information               

  • NNSW do not require any money for this one off trial event.
  • Players who played (up) in older teams at School Regionals are initially considered for their current age as per AFA rules.
  • Futsal Nationals are spread over 4 Brisbane venues – Under 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 play out of Cornubia, 13, 14, 15 boys at Hibiscus Sports Mt Gravatt, 12,13,14,15 Girls at Oxley Futsal, and 16 & Open Boys, 16 & Open Girls at Boondall Entertainment Centre, which must be considered if two or more siblings accept. (subject to change)
  • Successful players will be asked for a firm commitment – starting with a decision of Self Drive (Family holiday) vs Full Tour (player on Bus and stays with NNSW Schools Coordinator for 6 days)
  • The “Self Drive” Total = $500 being for NNSW FEES + Tournament FEES + Uniform + Sea World Presentation evening entry. Requires an immediate deposit of $250 by 19th July…. Note additional Sea World evening tickets $40
  • The “Full Tour” Total = $1200 being for NNSW FEES + Tournament FEES + Uniform + Sea World Presentation evening entry + Coach Travel + Accommodation. + Catered Breakfast & Dinners. Requires an immediate deposit of $500 by 19th July….. Note additional Sea World evening tickets $40
  • Payments should be done online (details in next correspondence) with an email sent to or fill out information sheet that will have bank details etc and send to .
  • All teams receive 3 to 4 trainings usually at Howzat, OR SIMILAR more details sent by your appointed coach.
  • Students/Schools must conduct their own fundraising if required.
  • Players who miss out are immediately on the Reserve List and may be called by the coaching staff for reasons including illness / injury of other team members.


George Poulos                                     Deb Tserepas

NNSW Futsal CEO                    NNSW Futsal Schools Coordinator



schools1 school2 school3 school4

Testimonials from NNSW Coaching staff

Cameron Hall – Kurri Kurri High School + NNSW Schools Futsal Coordinator + 13G and 14CC G.School1

I have attended three school nationals with the 2015 Futsal Championships being a huge success for teams for Northern New South Wales. I thank all who have been involved for making it a thoroughly enjoyable and momentous experience. We had over 200 committed players and coaching staff, who returned with 6x National Champion Teams, 1x Grand Finalist, 3x Semi Finalist, and 2x Quarter Finalists, out of 22 teams sent. Congratulations to U13G, U14G, U16G, U19G, U13B, U15B for their hard fought titles as National School Futsal Champions. I look forward to helping select teams to defend our titles, and win others during our 2016 campaign…..


Graeme Pauley – Toronto HS + 15 NNSW boys coach School2

I was on the full tour, with over 50 skilful futsal players, many from Toronto High School. I thought the commitment from coaching staff and the players was excellent and all concerned should be commended on a very successful venture. Against all odds my 15 NNSW Country boys took on the heavily favoured NSW City team with dogged determination and came up with a monumental victory. Congratulations to the boys, their parents, Cameron as coordinator, and George as CEO for providing this excellent sporting opportunity. I recommend this tournament for all local schools as Toronto HS will continue to support NNSW Futsal over the coming years!!


Joel Gosden – BWS Umina + 16CC NNSW girls Coach.

The 2015 National School Futsal Championships was an amazing experience for all competitors, from both my school and Northern NSW. As a newly trained Futsal Coach, I was given every opportunity to increase my knowledge and improve the girl’s skill and development throughout the tournament. A big thankyou has to go out to all the parents, managers & Executive that helped out during the tournament. Congratulations to all the successful teams from Northern NSW, I aim to return with BWS Umina and potentially collect more titles next year!!

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